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Virtual Strongbox

Virtual Strongbox Video Introduction

What is a Secure Digital Vault?

A digital vault is the perfect blend of online convenience and safe deposit security. HNCU provides our members up to 100 MB of FREE storage with Virtual StrongBox (VSB). VSB is a cloud-based solution with encryption capabilities, provided FREE to every HNCU member. Protecting your personal information is one of our top priorities. That’s why we've provided this complimentary service. VSB can be used to securely accesse or send documents to HNCU, store digital copies of your personal documents, save digital photos, and much, much more.

Why You Should Use A Digital Vault

  • Keep important documents safe and organized.
  • Send in-branch transaction receipts to your VSB instead of printing.
  • Receive email notifications when a document is sent or uploaded to your VSB.

Virtual StrongBox Features

  • Exchange files directly with HNCU.
  • Share individual files for downloading.
  • Share folders allowing your recipients to upload files securely to you.
  • Restrict how many times your shared folder can be uploaded to (one time or multiple)

How Does Virtual StrongBox Work

  • Each VSB profile will contain five default folders. You will also have the following capabilities:
  • Upload files by dragging and dropping files.
  • Create folders.
  • Share files or folders.
  • Move files throughout folders.
  • Search all folders with a file description.
  • Includes 100.0 MB of free storage. You can opt to purchase storage space.

How to Access Your Virtual Strongbox

We are working to make Virtual Strongbox account access a seamless experience. Currently, new or existing Virtual StrongBox users can login or enroll from the VSB website. The VSB website can be accessed using one of the links below or from the HNCU homepage.

Virtual Strongbox Login
First time users, click here



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